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Charuka is a wonderful interviewer

I was recently interviewed by Charuka and had an incredible experience on the other end of the microphone, half a world away. She really listened to what I had to say, and we had a completely organic conversation instead of a scripted one- which led us to go deeper than we could have imagined! She is so wise and has a great perspective- I’m happy she is utilizing her talents in this medium!

A wonderful podcast for artists

I love this little gem of a podcast. As an artist I love hearing about different ways I can expand my practice. They are uplifting, motivating and instructive. Charuka has a happy presence that makes the podcast fun to listen as well.

So grateful it exists!

Such a wonderful podcast with host and artist Charuka who interviews some amazing people. I especially love her thoughtful questions and hearing everyone’s stories is so inspiring and encouraging to keep going. Thank you for creating this podcast and for bringing on so many incredible artists, Charuka!

Love this podcast

Love to spent my creative hours listening to Charuka Arora and her guests! <3 <3 <3

An insightful creative podcast

Great interviewer and interesting questions. Artists - don’t miss this podcast for career and studio advice as well as so much more!

A gem of a podcast

The arts to hearts podcast host Charuka Arora does a wonderful job interviewing a range of artists. Her gentle tone, thoughtful questions and kindness shine through the podcast. I especially have enjoyed her monologue episodes where she tackles a subject close to her heart. It’s a wonderful peek into the minds worlds and hearts of artists around the globe. And a great companion in my studio as I make art. Looking forward to more episodes.

Amazing podcast!

Charuka is a wonderful host who interviews a wide range of artists and creative individuals around the world. I love listening to these deep and authentic conversations centered around creativity. So glad I found this podcast!

Happy I found this!

I love this little gem of a podcast. As an artist I love hearing about different ways I can expand my practice. They are uplifting and motivating.

Inspiring, Candid, Fresh!

I love Charuka’s fresh approach to art interviews! This show features inspiring artists, exciting questions and a deep look into what it means to be an creative today.

Inspiring art podcast

I have been binging the podcast this week. I love it! I am so inspired by Charuka and the artist interviews. As an artist, I love discovering new artists to follow. Thank you for this gift!